What's so special about Heritage?

The Heritage Conductor Score/Teacher's Manual has the following and more:
  • A complete alphabetical listing of tunes and exercises by page number for both the student's book and score-
  • A complete stylistic listing, categorized by: Chorale, Classical, Gospel Song, Holiday Songs, Hymns, Liturgical, and Spirituals, as well as Technical Exercises (Rhythms, Articulations, Dynamics, Scales and Intervals)-
  • A complete listing of activities, devotionals, special reports, name games, and background sketches of compositions and composers-
  • And, much, much more!!!

The Keyboard Accompaniment Book:

  • The Heritage series boasts a unique feature in that the keyboard accompaniment book serves as a bona fide accompaniment for the 90 tunes that are used in this Method Book Supplement. By getting both a wind or melody percussion book with a keyboard accompaniment book you have a large collection for the beginning instrumentalist.

The French Horn Book:

  • The left hand page is for the Horn in 'F' to work in the band ensemble setting-
  • The right hand page is for the Horn in 'Bb' to work in the private setting for easier range-
The Percussion Books:
  • The Snare Drum and Bass Drum are on the left hand page while the mallet instruments are on the right hand page for better concentration, yet allowing for shifting back and forth to different instruments without having to change books-
  • The Timpani and Auxiliary parts are combined to make an easier transition between instruments depending on the color called for-

The Brass Band Books:

  • Books are published for: 'Eb' Horn; Treble Clef Trombone; 'Bb' Treble Clef Tuba; and, 'Eb' Treble Clef Tuba, facilitating those brass band training programs that want to take advantage of Heritage!

The purpose of Heritage is to keep the mind alive as to the great songs of the past...

Students enjoy Heritage; it's refreshing!!!

Besides, do you know what a virtousolympics is?

Gospel Songs, Hymn Tunes, Liturgical Melodies, Spirituals, Classical Tunes, Rhythm & Scale Exercises--- Book I has over 170 Songs and enrichment exercises in all. Book II has 126 tunes- many of them duets or trios!!

Inv#: Inv#: Title: Comp./Arr. Level Price:
Book I Book II     & Book:
089001 089031 Conductor Rick D. Townsend 1&2 39.95
089002 089032 Flute Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089003 089033 Oboe Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089004 089034 Bassoon Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089005 089035 Clarinet Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089006 089036 Bass clarinet Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089007 089037 Alto saxophone Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089008 089038 Tenor saxophone Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089009 089039 Baritone saxophone Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089010 089040 Trumpet Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089011 089041 French horn Rick D. Townsend 1&2 9.95
089012 089042 Trombone Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089013 089043 Baritone T.C. Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089014 089044 Baritone B.C. Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089015 089045 Tuba Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089016 089046 Snare and Mallets Rob Schoolfield(*) 1&2 9.95
089018 089048 Timpani and Auxiliary Rob Schoolfield(*) 1&2 7.95/9.95
089019 089049 Eb Alto horn Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089020 089050 Bb Trombone T.C. Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089021 089051 Eb Tuba T.C. Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089022 089052 Bb Tuba T.C. Rick D. Townsend 1&2 7.95
089017 089047 Keyboard Accompaniment David L. Ledgerwood 1&2 9.95
089023   Virtuosolympic cards Rick D. Townsend   7.95

(*) Book II- David Townsend


Heritage is an endorsed product, listen to what they say!
"I have seen and am very familiar with Heritage, and highly recommend it as a sound pedagogical supplement to any beginning band Method. I am particularly impressed with the Christian material and with how it can be used; not only to improve one's musicianship, but also to edify the student and teacher."

Bruce Pearson, composer- Best In Class & Standard of Excellence Comprehensive Band Methods

"We have used Heritage to teach phrasing, ensemble, and intonation skills to young instrumentalists. We use a good method book to properly establish the basics, and Heritage to further develop musicianship."

Eric Woods, Instrumental Director- Bob Jones Academy

"Heritage is proving to be a tremendous addition to our curriculum. It has a wealth of solos that may be used for chapel, church, classroom, or Sunday School. Our parents appreciate having the tunes in Heritage which can be played within the first few weeks."

Daniel E. Stockton, Director of Bands- Tri-City Christian School