Adding to the offerings in the Catalog over the years, David E. Smith Publications, LLC has acquired the former publishing companies of George E. Strombeck Publications and David M. Moody Music Publications and now Majestic Music Publications. This provides a wealth of solo, ensemble and concert band literature. Added to this, we are a dealer for Claude T. Smith Publications, Curnow Music Press, Hal Leonard and others to expand the offerings of quality sacred, patriotic and pedagogical band literature and training materials. "DESPUB" also acts as a distributor for the publishing branches of The Salvation Army which provides additional literature in the areas of brass band, solo and ensemble, and mix-n-match arrangements. With the composing and arranging skills of the "DESPUB" writers and those of the aforementioned companies, this makes for a large range of styles, technics and levels available. This Catalog is available free of charge by contacting DESPUB- phone, fax, email, mail or the "Catalog Order Form" on this website. Take time to find the many items you may need in the "Catalog" menu and be sure to stop by the "What's New" menu to see the latest developments of music offerings and other services.

David E. Smith Publications, LLC has recently developed a company newsletter known as "Lines and Spaces®" which provides insights as to the philosophy, pedagogy and product found in the realms of the Christian instrumentalist. The publication is edited by Dr. Harlow E. Hopkins, an established Christian music educator. This periodical is available free of charge by contacting DESPUB- phone, fax, email, mail or the Newsletter Order form on this website. Past issues of the "Lines and Spaces®" can be found on this website by going to the Newsletter section of the menu.

DESPUB is a member of the Music Publishers Association, the Retail Music Retailers Association, and the Church Music Publishers Association as well as other organizations. Benefits from these affiliations include improved information on: providing quality materials, expanding marketing avenues, current copyright laws and other legal matters involving our writers' protection, and finally on the greater exposure of our writers' work.

DESPUB has sold music across the United States and Canada as well as many other countries around the world. We have a vast dealer network and encourage you to patronize them. For a partial listing of these firms look at the "Dealer List" on this website. DESPUB welcomes comments about its product and services and considers suggestions for consumer needs of sacred instrumental literature and programs.


David E. Smith Publications, LLC is a company dedicated to the production of quality sacred instrumental music. This takes form in graded solos and ensembles, band and orchestra literature, and mix-n-match instrumentation arrangements. Literature involving hundreds of innovative items is constantly being added to the Catalog, providing new materials for the for church, school, and the individual. It is the goal to produce such literature that is glorifying to God and presented in a way that exalts Him and meets our needs for worship and instructional tools.


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Alan Anderson, Alan Armstrong, Lynn Shaw Bailey,

Terry L. Baldridge, Richard J. Barber, Walter Bresch,

Thomas M. Brown, Monty J. Budahl, Edward Burckart,

Harold E. Burgmayer, Marilyn Carlson, Richard Cerchia,

Robert Champagne, Douglas Court, Linda DePue,

Dee Ann Dondit, Dana F. Everson, Robert M. Ewing,

Wayne P. Fritchie, Fred M. Hubbell, Beth Jensen,

Trudy Ann King, Karen Kuehmann, Lyndell Leatherman,

David R. Ledgerwood, Tracy Leenman, Billy Madison,

James E. Mahaffey, Donald E. McCathren Frank W. Milholland,

David M. Moody, Alan S. Moss, J. Harold Moyer,

Sheila J. Nelson, Phil Norris, Keith Pagan,

Ruth H. Pavlow, David Pettit, Lois J. Pettit,

Jay Pinner, Christopher Priest, Rob Schoolfield,

Gordon Schuster, David E. Smith, Douglas Smith,

Harold L. Smith, Pauline E. Spray, Daniel Stockton,

George E. Strombeck, David Townsend, Rick D. Townsend,

James L. Wadowick, Kenneth C. Watson, Brad Weishaupt,

David Winkler, Thomas E. Woehrmann, Suzanne Woetzel,

George H. Yurick and others....


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In general, David E. Smith Publications is interested in sacred instrumental music that might be classified as "traditional with interest." Music with connotations of jazz, rock, pop or contemporary gospel rock idioms and styles would not be appropriate.

Sacred solo and ensemble literature for all winds, strings, pitched percussion, keyboard and handbells of all levels; concert band; string and full orchestra; theory instruction; and instrument pedagogy are the most sought materials.

As of March 1, 2003...

HIGH PRIORITY: Christmas and Easter solos of all levels; brass solos; trumpet duets, trios and quartets; mixed brass duets; mixed woodwind trios; (solos of level 2 for all instruments); full orchestra literature; small percussion ensembles, medium level string solos; chamber orchestra literature; clarinet quartets; horn duets; trombone duets; piano duets; harp solos; classical guitar solos or accompaniments to wind/string solos.

MEDIUM PRIORITY:, string trios and quartets; piano literature of easy level; brass trios; string duets; mix and match instrumentations of easy to medium levels; handbell literature of all levels; band literature (level 1-2); recorder consort; flute quartets; flute choir; woodwind quartets; choir with band or orchestra; level 4-5 solos for all instruments; percussion solo (esp. mallet); full woodwind choir; organ solos; piano and organ duets.

LOW PRIORITY: theory instruction; instrument pedagogy.

(Note: priorities will change as the catalog grows and changes. What is a priority today may be changed to something else six months from now.)


Do NOT send your only copies! DO send all readable parts including scores. (Band and orchestra literature- full score is sufficient in initial submission...) DO send tapes when they are available. (The speed up the process and generally make a better impression of intent.) DO make sure that complete name, address and phone number are included in your mailing.

REVIEWING can generally be expected to take at least two month's time.

NOTICE As with most all publishers, selections are based on: 1) quality of material; 2) need for balance in the catalog; 3) production timing and costs; 4) style, format; length and intent.

In the event of rejection of materials, be aware that the quality of the writing is not always the single determining factor. Be confident and try again! If a favorable decision is made a royalty contract will be let for your consideration. A statement of your Christian faith and church involvement will likely be requested due to the nature of this publishing company. Contracts are typical as are royalty payments.

Thank you for considering David E. Smith Publications...

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